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“Product rating” module is very easy to use and install. Nevertheless, it can add great value to your Prestashop by allowing your visitors to rate any product they want and leave a comment. Users can rate products, in such way showing you and other visitors which products in their opinion are the best deals. When you can see detailed rating information, you are also able to take out low rating products from your Prestashop.

Moreover, you can add Facebook Like button, which will allow visitors to share their favorite products with friends. In such way customers will be able to share their shopping experiences and your shop will gain more visibility.

In a nutshell, this module will help visitors to select their favorite products and share them with their friends in Facebook.

Module features

  • Enable / Disable Facebook like button
  • Enable / Disable rating button
  • Enable / Disable results in front side
  • Enable / Disable rating from one IP address
  • Enable / Disable comment box after rating
  • Enable / Disable top rating box
  • Change top rating box position: left column, right column, home page or footer
  • Get a user’s favorite products (front end)
  • Get the full list of the most popular products (front end)
  • Change front end style (3 different styles)
  • Review of the best, the worst products list
  • Change the type of rating (only register, all)
  • Import votes (favorite products) from “Favorite Products” module
  • All text is translated through the Prestashop system

Install instruction

The installation of module is very simple. Login to Prestashop admin panel, click on “Modules” tab. Then click “Add a new module” link and upload “Product rating” module. After this just click “Install” button and it is done.

Uninstall instruction

Just click uninstall button in “Prestashop” admin panel / modules.

Video review of “Product rating” module

Screenshots of “Product rating” module

prestashop product rating module admin prestashop product rating module admin prestashop product rating module admin prestashop product rating module prestashop product rating module prestashop product rating module