Combining newsletter and social media marketing

sms_iconsSocial media and newsletter  are two separate powerful marketing tools. However, the combination of these tools is even more valuable and can help you to reach and even exceed your marketing goals.

It is widely perceived that e-mail as a marketing tool is outdated and does not create a real value. In any case, just think how many times per week or even per day you check your e-mail? E-mail newsletter is still used by such companies as Apple, Google and Facebook, therefore, maybe it could be useful for you as well?

The sharing function of social networks can be very effective if it is integrated in e-mail newsletters as it noticeably increase their accessibility: as many people share your newsletter as more chances there is that somebody will notice and open it. It creates an opportunity to expand the list of e-mail subscribers of newsletters.  Here are some most effective ways to combine your e-mail and social media marketing:

  1. Encourage users to subscribe your e-mails in the social networks. If you have large group of followers or fans in one of the social networks, without hesitation invite them to subscribe your e-mails.
  2. Integrate “Retweet This” function in your newsletters. This is another very effective way to integrate social media into your e-mail marketing campaign. In this way readers can instantly react to different questions, inquires, offers, etc.
  3. Try to attract your Facebook friends and subscribers to be in the list of your e-mail readers. This can be done by creating a newsletter subscription form in your Facebook fan page. Facebook provides a possibility of adding a newsletter registration form as application.
  4. Promote newsletters in your website. One of the most unexploited effective ways to increase the popularity of your newsletter is to promote it by including a link or some sort of fragment in your website or online store.
  5. Create a motivation. If you want that somebody would connect with you in social networks, it is often very effective to offer something in return. For instance, in your e-mails you can ask that readers would invite their friends to join your Facebook fan page by “liking” it. In such e-mail mention that this would be beneficial for everybody – as many “likes” subscribers get as much they can save in your e-shop or get additional bonuses.

If you thinking what marketing channels to use and cannot decide which ones to choose, try combining them like e-mail and social media. In the end, the main goal is utilizing every possible tool in order to expand your customer base. Social media will help you to get closer to your customers, while e-mail newsletter will provide a channel for valuable content.