Adding a currency in Prestashop

Full process how to add a new currency to your Prestashop:

  1. Login to admin panel,
  2. Click on the “Payment tab” and then on “Currencies”,
  3. Click “Add new” button.

Currency: Name of desired currency: euro, dollar, etc.

ISO code: Internationally recognized code for currency. More info about ISO codes:

Symbol: Currency Symbols. More info:

Conversion rate: Conversion rate from one unit of your shop’s default currency (for example, 1€) to new currency.

Find conversion (e.g. and copy the rate into the box labeled “Conversion rate” and click “Save”.

prestashop currency

Important: If you leave this field blank, Prestashop will automatically determine the rate according to the ISO code.

Formatting: price format.

Decimals: “Yes” – You will have prices displayed with decimals, e.g. 45.39. Or click “No” if you want to remove the decimal places, e.g. 45.

Blank: Determines whether to leave a space between currency symbols and the amount or not.