How to install Prestashop module

Install Prestashop module manually using ftp

If your module is in archive, you must first extract it by using programs like winacewinzipwinrar7zip or others.

If you don’t have a FTP program, we recommend total commanderfilezilla or other.

All Prestashop modules must be in modules directory: prestashop root folder/modules/.

The module must have its own directory and have the root file with the same name as directory: prestashop root folder/modules/blmodules/blmodules.php, make sure that extension is PHP.

Module is properly uploaded

prestashop module uploaded correctly

Incorrectly sent to the server module

Install Prestashop module using admin panel

First you need to login into your Prestashop admin panel. Then go to the module tab.  Click on the link “Add a module from my computer” and from “Module file” box click “Browse” button. Next step is to select module *.zip file from your computer.

Now you need to complete this process by pressing “Upload this module” button.  Page will reload and you should see the new module in a list of your modules.

Module verification

If you’ve uploaded module successfully, you should see the module into Prestashop’s back office – “Modules” page.

Template Installer

You are guided step by step through the installation process to integrate your theme, its variants, and its modules into your boutique.

This module also allows you to have several themes on hand, all configured and ready to be implemented.