Employee toolbar module

Employee toolbar prestashop module

“Employee toolbar” module allows you to manage your Prestashop quickly and more conveniently. You just need to login into admin panel and the administrator toolbar will appear at the top of the page in the front office.

To speed up the work, you can add any links you want: select from back office menu or add custom links (e.g. www.google.com/webmasters/).
This module has the function “Edit page”. If you click this link, you are promptly redirected to the editing page of that particular page (works with products, categories, CMS pages). In that case you do not spend much time finding such page in the back office.

The module is activated just when the administrator connects to the back office and only after successful login we turn on employee toolbar. For that reason the customer never sees this toolbar. If you enter IP address, administrators from only that IP address will be able to see the toolbar (there can be more than one IP addresses).

If the toolbar is blocking the view, you can enable transparent mode or click “Hide” button.
For the full functionality please test module in our demo site or contact us!

Module features

  • Enable / Disable employee toolbar
  • Enable / Disable admin home block
  • Enable / Disable add new block
  • Enable / Disable admin menu block
  • Enable / Disable edit page block
  • Enable / Disable custom links block
  • Enable / Disable admin name block
  • Enable / Disable log out block
  • Enable / Disable transparent mode
  • Add custom links into toolbar (select from back office menu or add yourself)
  • Select menu links from back office menu
  • Set administrator’s IP addresses

Install instruction

The installation of module is very simple. Login to Prestashop admin panel, click on “Modules” tab. Then click “Add a new module” link and upload “Employee toolbar” module. After this just click “Install” button and it is done.

Uninstall instruction

Just click “uninstall” button in Prestashop admin panel / modules.

Video review of “Employee toolbar” module

Screenshots of “Employee toolbar” module

prestashop module Employee toolbar prestashop module Employee toolbar

Employee toolbar prestashop module front office

Employee toolbar prestashop module front office
Employee toolbar prestashop module transparante