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“XML Feeds” module exports Prestashop products and categories into XML files. With this Prestashop module you can share your database with other persons. If you are exporting a large amount of data, you can enable cache and split to smaller feeds. If the data is confidential, you can add a password on your XML feed. You can also show only the fields, which you wish. You just need to select fields and enter a name (or leave default). Usage of affiliate systems can provide different prices for different users. You only need to enter the formula for calculating the price (e.g. Price + 36 or Price + (Price * 23 / 100)).

Module features

  • Export products to an XML file
  • Export categories to an XML file
  • Enable / Disable XML feeds
  • Enable / Disable cache
  • Add password protecting the XML file
  • Enable / Disable fields
  • Change field names
  • Drop HTML tags
  • Add CDATA
  • Show elements in one line or use branch
  • Add elements in header and footer
  • Add extra rows
  • Create an unlimited feeds
  • Show all Products/Categories or only enabled
  • Add an affiliate prices

Install instruction

The installation of module is very simple. Login to Prestashop admin panel, click on “Modules” tab. Then click “Add a new module” link and upload “XML Feeds” module. After this just click “Install” button and it is done.

Uninstall instruction

Just click uninstall button in “Prestashop“ admin panel / modules.

Video review of “XML Feeds” module

Screenshots of “XML Feeds” module

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