Google Analytics EE Orders module

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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce prestashop module“Google Analytics EE Orders” module allows you to exploit the possibilities of the newest and most developed “Google Analytics – Enhanced Ecommerce” (EE) tool, which operates on the server (PHP).

There is no doubt that “Google Analytics” can be an extremely beneficial tool. By utilizing this tool, we can easily and with no cost follow the information regarding the most important performance indicators: visitor flow, time on site, the ratio between new and frequent visitors, etc.

Now you can follow information not just about visitors, but also about orders and products, which is extremely important for your online shop.

With “Google Analytics – Enhanced Ecommerce” tool you can easily track and analyze purchase data by using Google products. By utilizing product ID in the Google system you can connect them with product brands and categories.

“Google Analytics – EE” is one of the most up-to-date tools, which means that you will be able to keep up with the most developed technologies.

Most commonly “Google Analytics – Enhanced Ecommerce” is used with JavaScript (analytics.js) library and functions on the client-side. For this reason, the functionality of the tool depends on external factors, such as the user’s computer parameters, internet browser, and others. This means that for various reasons (e.g. blocked by user) the tool can be ineffective.

Our module is created using the server-side technology and is independent from such external factors. We track orders and other actions on your server, which we then send to the Google Analytics system through PHP. In this way you have a full control of the actions. You can send the orders and related information or refunds by yourself. User related information: utmz (Google cookie), gclid and dclid goes together with the order.

Module features

  • Orders/Refunds send on the server-side (PHP)
  • Auto-send all new orders
  • Auto-send all orders according to order status
  • Show types of payment with which automatic order sending works
  • Manually send orders
  • Auto-send refund according to order status
  • Manually send refund
  • Show transaction history
  • Set page view name (DP, Document Path)
  • User related information automatically attached: utmz, gclid, dclid
  • All order related information (products, prices, page view name, brand, categories, etc.) is attached
  • Compatible with Google Analytics 4

Install instruction

The installation of the module is very simple. Login to the Prestashop admin panel, click on the “Modules” tab. Then click “Add a new module” link and upload the “Google Analytics EE Orders” module. After this just click “Install” button and it is done. Then you just need to insert Google Analytics tracking ID (Module page > Settings > Tracking ID).

Uninstall instruction

Just click the “uninstall” button in the Prestashop admin panel/modules.

Screenshots of “Google Analytics EE Orders” module

Prestashop Google analytics ordersPrestashop Google analytics orders EEPrestashop Google Analytics – Enhanced EcommercePrestashop Enhanced Ecommerce modulePrestashop Google Analytics – Enhanced Ecommerce modulePrestashop EE orders modulePrestashop google analytics orders module