JSON export Pro module

Prestashop json moduleThis Prestashop “JSON export Pro” module generates “Prestashop” products, orders, customers, brands, suppliers and categories JSON file.
With this Prestashop module, you can share your database with other persons. If your database is big, you can enable cache, cron or split to smaller feeds. This module can generate fresh JSON and without cron, so if your server doesn’t have cron feature – no problem at all. You can show only the fields that you wish.
You only need to select fields and to enter a name (or to leave by default). If the data is confidential you can add a password on your json feed. If you are using a system of affiliates, you can track connections in the statistics page (IP address, affiliate name, date).
Using affiliate systems can also provide different prices to different users. You only need to enter the formula to calculate the price (ex. Price – 14 or Price + (Price * 30 / 100)). There is the option to display products only from selected categories (select from the categories tree) or use other filters. Of course, if you want, you can always change the settings by yourself and create a custom Prestashop json file. Our Prestashop module will provide a lot of flexibility with json structure, data filters.

Module features

  • Export products to an JSON file
  • Export orders to an JSON file
  • Export categories to an JSON file
  • Export customers, brands, suppliers to an JSON file
  • Enable / Disable JSON feeds
  • Enable / Disable cache
  • Add a password on the JSON feed
  • Enable / Disable fields
  • Change field names
  • Drop html tags
  • Add extra lines to an JSON file
  • Download the JSON from url
  • Export all items or only enabled
  • Get connection statistics
  • Create unlimited feeds
  • Add affiliate prices
  • Category tree (Man > Tops > T-shirts)
  • JSON feed from CRON or URL
  • Enable / Disable export only active or in stock products
  • Filter products by status, price, category, supplier, manufacture, discount status, image status, quantity, attributes or your custom product list
  • Crontab (cronjob)
  • Insert Google categories
  • Export product Attributes (separately or grouped) and Features
  • Split products by combinations
  • Filter orders by payment status, payment type and order date
  • Merge attributes by group

Install instruction

The installation of the module is very simple. Login to the Prestashop admin panel, click on the “Modules” tab. Then, click on the “Add a new module” link and upload the “JSON export Pro” module. After this, just click on the “Install” button and you are done.

Uninstall instruction

Just click “uninstall” button in Prestashop admin panel / modules.

Video review of “JSON export Pro” module

Screenshots of “JSON export Pro” module

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