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The most common mistakes in online shop development – part 2

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6. Mandatory registration There are certain product types, which might make the mandatory registration a reasonable requirement. However, why we should register in order to buy a simple book? Most likely is that you will not want to create a rarely usable account with password, which you will forget in several days. It is understandable […]

The most common mistakes in online shop development – part 1

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The most common mistakes in online shop development- part 1 Most of the owners and developers of online shops have good awareness about how to create a smoothly running e-commerce environment and avoid most common mistakes. However, mistakes are still frequently done, because of various reasons. It might be the lack of time, concentration or […]

Tips for improving your online shop

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E-commerce is gaining a major ground in the business world with millions of internet users buying products and services online. Many new start-ups as well as existing enterprises are forced to make their offerings available online in order to stay on the cutting edge. If you are considering opening your own online shop – now […]